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Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services

Upholstery cleaning is our specialty.

With so many types of upholstery out there, it is tons of fabric that manufactures use.
Some are easy to live with, such as microfiber. They look good, are durable, and are capable of handling day-to-day abuse.

Then there are finer fabrics such as wool, cotton, linens.

With the finer fabrics, you can immediately tell the difference. The feel is totally different from the everyday fabrics out there. They can be very expensive, but it lasts for years. If you want something that will endure, you could consider this type of fabric.

Some fabrics absorb moisture and can be damaged by wetting, such as wool and cotton.

So, we offer Low Moisture Extraction (LME).

Like Dry foam, encapsulation, and hot water extraction, with a special upholstery tool, which only applies moisture to the fabric only, not over-wetting the cushions.

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