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Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

We offer all the newest processes for cleaning carpet. 

From Hot water extraction to encapsulation. 

We pre-spray the entire carpet, to allow the chemical to penetrate the fibers and allow it to be extracted with a rinsing agent. 

Some carpets have to be cleaned with a special process, such as natural fibers like wool.

You can clean with the encapsulation, or dry foam, it can be clean with a gentle process. Depending on the way it was made. 

Some Berbers are wool, so identifying the type of carpet is important. Berbers hold up well as far as years of service. 

Average carpet life is 10 years, with the proper cleaning it could last that long and in some cases longer. 

Proper vacuuming  weekly helps prolong the life of your carpet. Also cleaning it in intervals is recommended by manufacturers.

Sand and dirt daily traffic is the enemy. 

This is why Vacuuming is so important to maintaining your carpet for the longevity of its life. 

Tip: Get a good Vacuum cleaner–one that doesn’t have a hose that gets clogged up easily. 

Also shake down deodorizers acts like sand, so vacuum very well if you do use this in your home. 

Spills can be easily removed if you have a protector on the carpet. Protectors are applied to the carpet to make the spill sit on top of the carpet. To be removed by the customer. 

Does it work? Yes. 

How can you keep your carpet clean?  Clean it regularly! 


IT leaves a clean spot, meaning it strips the color out of the carpet.

We don’t leave a residue in your carpet. Which causes re-soiling of the carpet faster. Because you are basically cleaning your shoes.

Our last step is rinse, meaning we rinse away all the dirt and chemicals away from your carpets. Leaving nothing but pure carpet, no chemicals or dirt in your carpet!  

At this time Protector can be applied to the carpet. Protector is an extra charge. 

It is charged by the sq.ft. or the room.

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