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Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

We apply a tile and grout cleaner, allow it to dwell and penetrate the affected areas to be cleaned and brush it in. 

Then, we rinse the chemical and dirt away with a tool called the spinner.

The Spinner rinse the tile and grout clean and sucks off the water at the same time.

The heat also breaks down the dirt and grime, leaving you with a nice clean surface.

We place fans out to speed the drying time of the floor.

Whether it’s a Bathroom, Kitchen, or Foyer the results are amazing.

Renewing the surfaces to top quality look you have been looking for. 

This is the perfect time to apply sealer.  

Tiles are in need of this because the sealer isn’t suppose to last for ever. 

Over time the sealer breaks down and allows dirt to get in. 

Much like any thing in your house , we have to maintain it. 

Although Tile is a wonderful product and is very durable it has to be maintained, not as often as carpets or wood floors but still has to be maintained.

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